Trump Supporter Makes An A** Of Himself–Attacks Protester Dressed As Donkey (VIDEO)

Trump Supporters are, by and large, nasty to anyone that isn’t like them — that isn’t a put-down, they seem to take pride in it. Spend ten minutes reading what they have to say, just about anywhere, and you will feel sick to your stomach.

There is a lot of history of violence by Trump protesters — attacking others at their rallies, which has been well publicized, but lately it seems that for some reason, some Trump supporters have actually been victims of the same.

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The question is, how do these arguably angry, confrontational, and overwhelmingly rude (hell, they crow about that: “un-PC,” = the opposite of treating others with respect) people become the “victims” of the crowds of “Kumbaya Liberals” and peace-seeking protesters? Well, for sure one of these “internet photos” was a hoax.

In another case, a woman has acknowledged that she, herself “egged on” the protesters who decided to literally egg her. No, I am not defending egging a woman over her political affiliation, though avoiding a person like that is high on my priorities list. Yes, I am using her own admission to frame this video, which perfectly sums up the abuse that those protesters were likely to have received.

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Trump supporters have no problem using bigoted slurs, repeating baseless rumors and apparently attempting to start fights. Of course, if they do manage to harangue another human being into responding, to them, it is always the other person’s fault. These are the kinds of people that go to a bar, start a fight by being an in-your-face assh*le and then whine that they were unfairly attacked after shoving the other person around.

There is no violence in this video, the Trump supporter, who compares the larger person in the donkey suit to a Muslim woman in a burka, asked if the protester is “Hillary,” and what sounds like “Killary” at one point, is surrounded by armed officers. An in-your-face, crass and repugnant display by the people we expect it from. His little question intimates that the person is a Muslim, and a female, something this “man” obviously finds to be derogatory.

But, his behavior begs the question: if this behavior was displayed by a Hillary or Bernie supporter to a Trump supporter, do you honestly think there wouldn’t have been a physical altercation?

He screams at one point, after his comments , “who hates Gays more than Muslims?” Ironic, yes, but the donkey gets that too: he simply points to the blowhard. Another woman calls out “Christians.”

As a note to all my fellow liberals and people too smart to swallow Trumps disgusting rhetoric, “racist,” isn’t the word to use for these people — it is too kind. It suggests they only have problems and hate for people outside of their race. These bottom feeders have a problem with anyone unlike them, other religions, other races, other countries, other political affiliations, traditionally ignored genders, sexualities — basically EVERYONE that isn’t like them.

The word we are looking for, the powerful word encompassing hatred of others, is “bigot.”

Watch this man try to incite violence, and fail:

Featured image via screen capture

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