Trump Supporter LOSES HIS SH*T After CNN Host Calls Him Out Over Neo-Nazi Double Standards (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo expressed bewilderment over Trump’s nonchalant attitude concerning white supremacists using his name to promote hate.

The CNN host debated Trump supporter John Phillips over Trump’s dismissive attitude toward hate groups and individuals launching racist rhetoric and attacks against Jews and people of color.

They spoke about a recent incident involving an “alt-right” group that used phrases like “Heil Trump” while spouting hate-filled rhetoric and throwing up Nazi salutes at a convention in Washington D.C.

Cuomo also noted the apparent hypocrisy regarding Trump’s attitude toward racism compared to his reactions to petty personal matters of no national relevance:

“Cuomo asked, “If something bothers Donald Trump, you know it immediately and in detail, and yet, these hand-raising haters, these neo-Nazis — call them alt-right, call them whatever you want, you know who you know what they’re about. You know it’s bad.'”

“He continued, ‘He does not denounce them the way he does anything and anyone else that he doesn’t like. Why. Tell me why?'”

Phillips downplayed the issue, chalking it up to fringe elements within a two party system.

“Unfortunately, those huge tents involve a lot of nuts,” he replied.

He then tried to muddy the water using lazy relativism by comparing hard-left progressives with Nazis.

“The left has a lot of people with a lot of boutique ideas, Phillips continued.”

Seriously? Tree hugging, vegans who chain themselves to bulldozers in the rain forest equate to Neo-Nazis who believe in the ethnic cleansing of all non-Anglo-Saxons.

Phillips noted that Trump has denounced racism as far back as 2000 when he refused to join the Reform party due to their affiliation with David Duke (the same man who Trump claimed he never heard of in March).

Also interesting, is how Phillips regards Nazis as “jerks,” as though he was further downplaying the vile nature of Trump’s most ardent supporter base.

“Cuomo continued to press Phillips over Trump’s softball approach to ‘condemning’ his racist supporters.

“Cuomo said, “John, you know that he doesn’t call out David Duke by name. You know he’s never mentioned any of these movements by name and the man does not lack for detail when he wants to criticize you.”

“He continued, ‘These are people raising their hands in a Nazi gesture, okay. This isn’t just a little bit off the beaten path. Yet, it’s being ignored to a certain degree by a lack of specificity. it doesn’t bother you?'”

“Phillips replied, “He has denounced them.”

“Cuomo said, ‘Not by name. Not by name. He shows them a respect he shows no one else.'”

Phillips’ excuse was beyond absurd. He claimed that Trump didn’t want to spend a lot of time or energy condemning white supremacists because his political opponents would use his remarks as an opportunity to tie him with racists in the “headlines.”

“‘We know the political game that his opponents try to use against him, which is they want Trump’s name in the same headline as these kooks, Phillips said.

But CNN Contributor Christine Quinn was quick to knock that excuse out of the park.

“‘Kooks’ is like your aunt you’re going to see at Thanksgiving… who wears a rain hat inside,’ she said. ‘These people aren’t kooks. They’re a dangerous, racist, anti-Semitic group of people who are attacking the core values of America… [Trump] has an obligation to all Americans to stand up and denounce this group.'”

Phillips then tried to play the childish game (perfected by people like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity) of asking Quinn a binary question that had nothing to do with the topic at hand.

He asked her if she believed Trump was a white supremacist. And Quinn justifiably chose to ignore the bait despite Phillips’ childish prodding.

Finally, the CNN host had enough of Cuomo’s stupid taunting and decided to shut the Trumper down hard.

“‘You want to get a cheap political score by having somebody call him a “bigot” or a “racist” because that’s going to go crazy in the news cycle,’ Cuomo said.”
“‘You denounce things not just because you’re looking for a label,’ he concluded. ‘It doesn’t matter whether or not he’s a bigot. It’s that he denounces it.'”

Trump’s professional apologists can hide behind silly word games and nonsensical comparisons all they want.

The American people can see the real Donald Trump by what he says and what he chooses not to say.

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