Trump Supporter In Phoenix Just Threatened John McCain’s Life

Donald Trump, in his ongoing effort to spur on a Civil War, is holding a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona and his white supremacist supporters are waiting for him. While violence hasn’t yet broken out, one Trump supporter was heard threatening the life of Arizona Senator John McCain.

Despite the fact that McCain gave us Sarah Palin 10 years ago, to Trump supporters, McCain has failed the loyalty test, especially when he voted against repealing the Affordable Care Act. While Trump didn’t mention McCain’s name, he, like a seemingly endless number of people, is becoming an enemy of the White House.

Normal people responded in exactly the way they should:

McCain has cancer — a particularly gruesome form of brain cancer. While he is undergoing treatment, at 80 years old, his life is fragile. That makes threatening his life especially disgusting, but Trump supporters don’t care. During the campaign, and now, after his response to the riot in Charlottesville where he equated white supremacists who murdered a woman with protesters, Trump gave them explicit permission to use violence to defend themselves against the changing culture.

In the meantime, Secret Service?

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

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