Trump Supporter Battles Economic Analyst On CNN And Gets DEMOLISHED (VIDEO)

Monday on CNN, Katrina Campins — winner of Season One of Donald Trump’s show The Apprentice and fervent Trump supporter — tried to go to- to-toe with CNN’s Ali Velshi, a global affairs and economic analyst, in a debate over her candidate’s economic policies — and the result was about what you’d expect.

Campins, to her credit, is a successful real estate figure and businessperson in her own right. And Velshi was even cordial enough to point out, “Katrina you’re very smart.”

But from then on, the debate became an embarrassingly one-sided affair, with Velshi on multiple occasions exposing how Campins had no idea what she was talking about.

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Velshi began by exposing Trump’s false premise that by somehow tearing up trade agreements that took decades to negotiate, and returning Americans back to an isolationist mindset regarding trade, that the world would automatically buy our goods and services while we reduce or eliminate their imports.

The economic analyst tried to make some sense out of Trump’s argument stating that if the candidate were pointing out that America imports more than it exports, then that would be “Trump’s more sophisticated argument if he were to make it.”

It’s naive. It’s unsophisticated. It sounds nice. It won’t happen,” he continued.

Campins then tried to compare the Gross National Product (GDP) numbers from Obama’s eight-year term with those of previous presidents (like Ronald Reagan), stating that Obama is the only President not to achieve over 3.0 in GDP growth.

However, Velshi, ever the wet blanket, had to put a damper on her right-wing Obama bashing party. He argued that her comparison was not “apples to apples” because global economic conditions for every president is unique. “Katrina, you’re really smart, I don’t know where you’re coming up with these things from,” Velshi said at one point.

I’m not disputing that statistic. It’s an interesting one. I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean to me. I may be the first economic journalist who didn’t have a single hair on his head. I don’t know what the relevance is of that statement.

Campins than borrowed from the broken Sean Hannity playbook of using a strawman argument as a rhetorical question. She asked:

Do you believe that Obama and Hillary’s path towards socialism is the path forward for the United States of America?

Her question was momentarily met with blank stares from both Velshi and host Don Lemon.

I dispute the premise of the question,” replied Velshi.

Even Don Lemon from the sidelines chimed in:

Yeah we’re getting off topic here.

Lemon then mercifully stepped end to conclude the segment like a referee saving a severely pummeled fighter. But Velshi, like a cat playing with a mouse, didn’t want to let her off the hook.

“You can go, Don, let us continue,” Velshi said with a devilish grin.

Lemon replied:

Yeah, I’ll let you guys continue to talk. I’ll let the experts, I’ll let you have the conversation…

“The experts,” Lemon? Really? The CNN host was either trying to be very gracious or a subtle a**hole.

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When logic and reason battles pre-scripted talking points, the results are never pretty to watch. If Hillary Clinton can embrace her inner policy wonk during the presidential debates (if they happen), and side-step Trump’s childish insults, then the results should look a lot like this “debate.”

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