Trump Steals $100K from Children’s Cancer Charity To Line His Own Pockets

In another despicable headline focused on the actions of President Trump, Forbes reported on Tuesday that Trump has funneled over $100,000 in St. Jude Children’s Hospital donations into Trump Organization revenue.

Trump’s son Eric hosts an annual golf tournament to raise millions for the St. Jude children’s Research Hospital. The Eric Trump Foundation reportedly funneled $100,000 of the donations right back to Trump’s golf courses — to take care of “incurred expenses” — instead of going to the charity where the donors had been promised they would go.

To top this off, over the past 10 years $500,000 of donated money was conveniently “re-donated” to different charities, including ones connected to family members of Trump. Most of these organizations were using the Trump golf courses for the fund raising tournaments, meaning Trump could have been making additional hundreds-of-thousands off of charities over the yers.

The order to bill the Eric Trump charitable foundation for obscene amounts of donated money came directly from Trump himself, says the report. This means that not only did Trump swindle charity money, he also broke federal and New York state laws on misleading donors and self-dealing.

The President had announced that he would dissolve his charitable foundation to avoid what people might consider conflicts of interest, but he has yet to act on that promise. New York state’s attorney general isn’t going to allow him to do anything of the sort while a criminal probe of the charity is on-going.

“The Trump Foundation is still under investigation by this office and cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete,” said Attorney General spokesperson Amy Spitalnick, in December.

Really? Hundreds-of-thousands from kids with cancer?  Speechless.

Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

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