Trump Staffer Threatens CNN Reporter, Denies It, Then Goes On Fox And Brags About It (VIDEO)

At his very first press conference, Trump had a meltdown after CNN reporter Jim Acosta dared to ask him a tough question instead of lob a softball. It led to an insane exchange where Trump refused to answer any question from CNN and culminated in the future president slandering the network as “fake news.”

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The sequence of events following this surreal exchange is nuts. Let’s go through it piece by piece.

Shortly after, video emerged of Sean Spicer, Trump’s communications director, threatening Acosta outside the venue.

Then Acosta confirmed that Spicer had actually threatened to have him removed from the presser if he dared ask another question Trump didn’t like.

Then Spicer flat out denied that he ever threatened to remove Acosta, again accusing CNN of “false reporting.”

And then, less than an hour later, he appeared on Fox to brag about… threatening to kick Acosta out of the presser for being “disrespectful” to Trump (by asking him a hard question).


“I went over to him. I informed him that, as I said, I thought his behavior was rude, disrespectful, and inappropriate and if it happened again, I would have him removed.”

All politicians lie. Only Trump and his goon squad lie with this much shamelessness.

Featured image via Fox News

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