Trump Spokeswoman Shouts At CNN Host for Quoting Trump Verbatim: ‘It Was A Complete Misspeak!’ (Video)

Katrina Pierson is making a name for herself as the Sarah Palin of the 2016 election, although she and Sarah Palin are different in some key respects: for instance, Palin is a folksy stupid. Pierson is of the more aggressive variety.

And she put that on display when she lashed out at CNN host Alisyn Camerota after Camerota repeated, verbatim, three different positions that Trump had taken regarding abortion within the span of three hours.

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A Misspeak

The only coherent position that Trump has taken this entire election cycle has been about deporting people. He’s not even been clear on which group: Muslims and Mexicans both appeared on his list.

The perfect example of this is the abortion issue. Within a span of three hours, Trump managed to take three entirely different positions regarding abortion. This forced his campaign spokeswoman to defend him — which wasn’t an issue, since Pierson has defended stupider positions in the past, going so far as to argue that she herself was a horse to justify an attack on President Obama.

Katrina began by insisting that Trump “never called for a ban on abortion,” a claim that Camerota quickly dismissed, accusing Pierson of “mincing words.”

Pierson returned by saying that Trump had misspoken, and “you have a presidential candidate that clarified the record. Not once, but twice.”

Camerota agreed, but added, “But his clarifications were also confusing”

Pierson got a little hot under the collar at that, shouting:

No, they weren’t confusing! But the clarification was that it would be a state issue. I’m not so sure what’s so hard to understand about that..

Camerota then suggested that the off-the-cuff remarks were a “window” into whatever passed as Trump’s thought process, prompting Katrina to fire that:

It was a misspeak! How many times do I have to say that?

This was a complete misspeak during a conversation over a hypothetical concept, and there was a clarification issue.

And while she admitted it was “fair” to ask candidates questions regarding abortion, she added, “it should also be fair that when a candidate gives the response and clarifies that we shouldn’t make this a 24-hour headline when we have things like terrorism going on in the world.”

I’m not a prescriptivist; I believe that word usage shifts with time and adapts to new changes in society. Despite having a degree in the English language (thereby making me qualified to hate the language), I give leeway to unusual word usage and mistakes, and I have relatively few pet peeves.

But I just found one, courtesy of Ms. Pierson here. Something cannot be a “misspeak” because “misspeak” is a verb, not a noun. Unless, of course, you’re the sort of uneducated voter who couldn’t tell otherwise.

Watch the video below:


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