Trump Spokeswoman Defends Muslim Ban: ‘So What? They’re Muslims’

For those of you who still wonder whether or not Trump realizes that he is running on an anti-American Fascist platform, here is yet another piece of irrefutable evidence. Not only does he plan to attempt to enact a Ban on Muslims, his camp’s defense is, well, indefensible.

Wednesday, on CNN, a Trump Spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson (contact her on Twitter), flailing to try to make Trump’s tremendous travesty of fascism and bigotry seem rational, responded to S.E. Cupp’s statement that Trumps ban isn’t on insurgents, “you’re talking about regular Muslims, that is what you are talking about!”:

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Yes, from Arab countries. You know what? So what? They’re Muslim.

Banning, registering, and sequestering every Catholic from Italy and European countries would be as effective at destroying the Mafia as this “Muslim ban” in “Arab countries” would be at stopping Jihadists. Trump and many of his followers don’t seem to get that this is bigotry, this is actual honest-to-Gawd fascism, this is not who we are as a country.

Even Trump’s camp has given up trying to pretend they are only after those that are trying to hurt us, the insurgents, our enemies, they are actually going after an entire religious group. They don’t care how many Muslims get killed by ISIL, because “so what? They’re Muslims.”

The disgusting tirade of bigotry and hate along with S.E. Cupp’s strong responses can be seen here:

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