Trump Spokesperson Channels Inner Death Eater: ‘Are There Any Pure Breeds Left’

Donald Trump’s spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, sent out a disturbing tweet in 2012, channeling her inner Draco Malfoy to lament the lack of “pure breeds” running for president.

In Pierson’s opinion, having a parent born outside of the United States makes a person not only less American, but it also makes them “less pure” and therefore less qualified to serve as president. In Slytherin terms, no filthy mud bloods allowed. Since her boss, The Donald himself, has been compared to Voldemort, her death eater like persona isn’t entirely unfitting.

Interestingly enough, by these standards, Trump wouldn’t be considered presidential material either because his mother was born in Scotland. For some unknown reason, Pierson doesn’t seem to give a damn in this case though.

Pierson has latched on to the GOP frontrunner’s most unsettling rhetoric, and agrees with his call to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. When she was questioned about the ban and asked specifically about barring “regular Muslims,” she responded,

Yes, from Arab countries. You know what? So what? They’re Muslims.”

She also made headlines and helped convince the world that we never want Trump anywhere near “the button,” when she asked “What good does it do to have a good nuclear triad if you’re afraid to use it?”

She also sparked controversy by appearing on CNN wearing a necklace made of bullets. When the backlash came, she announced, once again via Twitter, that “next time she would wear a fetus” as a protest against a woman’s right to choose.

Pierson’s main job with the Trump campaign, aside from making bat-shit crazy comments during interviews, is to be living proof that Donald Trump couldn’t possibly be racist because his spokesperson is half-black, even if every word that falls from his venomous mouth is blatantly bigoted.

Ironically enough in 2008, four years before her “pure breeds” tweet, she sued a former employer for racial discrimination.

Gawker asked for Pierson to comment, but so far have not received a response. As of the time this article was written, the post had not been removed from her Twitter account.

Featured image via Twitter screen capture

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