Trump Spit In The Faces Of Ground Zero Responders Saying He ‘Helped A Little’ With Clearing Rubble

In the days and nights following the September 11 attack responders worked tirelessly removing concrete and steel by the bucketfuls at Ground Zero. They had the gruesome job of sifting through the remains of buildings, planes and people, looking for survivors, recovering victims. Since their heroic service they have battled health issues, they have had to fight for care for those inflictions caused from risking life and limb for their fellow Americans. And, sadly some have succumb to illnesses caused from the exposure during those dark days.

In April at a rally in Buffalo, New York the press was all a buzz about Trump’s “New York Values” comment and his “7-11” slip up. But, he said something else that was actually reprehensible. Here is the quote:

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“Everyone who helped clear the rubble — and I was there, and I watched, and I helped a little bit — but I want to tell you: Those people were amazing. Clearing the rubble. Trying to find additional lives. You didn’t know what was going to come down on all of us — and they handled it.” [Emphasis added]

He “helped a little bit” with the rescue and recovery effort? He helped clearing the rubble in his crisply pressed suit, white shirt and red tie while not knowing “what was going to come down on all of us”? Bullshit!

When Donald Trump said he “helped a little” with the clearing of the rubble at Ground Zero he implies that he was working side by side with those responders and it speaks to how low he will sink to boost his own ego. Apparently, in Trump’s life he has never been called out for attempting to accept credit for other people’s work. This peacocking is not that of a “normal” politician. This isn’t just over-inflating one’s resume or working to “sell” yourself – oh no, this is blatant, flat-out lying.

And this lie is one of the worst. It’s extremely disrespectful to those who actually put their blood, sweat and tears into that horrific, yet heroic, job.

The Washington Post certainly saw it that way:

“Particularly coming in the middle of an exposition of the courage of first responders, Trump’s statement that he ‘helped a little bit’ is an interesting one. The implication is clear: Trump was helping to clear the rubble, worried that damaged buildings surrounding the site were going to topple over ‘on all of us.’ In a normal context, Trump would seem to be asking the listener to offer him some of the credit he’s giving to those that were on the scene. In the context of a presidential campaign? That becomes more fraught.”

The Post concluded their April article saying they had reached out to the Trump campaign for clarification of Trump’s role in “helping a little” at Ground Zero. They also said they would update the story should they receive a response. No updates were made.

Watch Donald Trump tell New Yorkers he “helped a little” with clearing rubble at Ground Zero, here:

Featured image via Getty Images/U.S. Navy/Handout

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