Trump Spent First Night Of DNC On Twitter Losing His F**king Mind — Threats And Insults Galore

It became abundantly clear that Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump did not care for Monday night’s opening Democratic National Convention premiere. He spent his entire night on Twitter trying to troll Democratic speakers and widen the rift between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters.

Following the GOP’s bizarre, dysfunctional, and apocalyptic convention the previous week, Democrats managed to set a much more positive and unified tone -despite the “Bernie or Bust” protesters. At the end of the night, many progressives came together and even Sanders delivered a rousing message filled with policy and hope. Compared to the fear-mongering and hate spewing from the RNC, it must have come across as very strange to Trump.

His first tweet consisted of an awkward veiled threat against a rising star in the Democratic Party, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

After threatening the fourth black Senator in U.S. history, Trump moved on to his regular shtick which involved calling Sanders a sellout and once again calling Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.”

Also, many people noticed how Trump went silent during First Lady Michelle Obama’s powerful speech. In fact, the billionaire didn’t mention the first lady at all, which may have been one of his few rare moments of decency. Or maybe Ivanka Trump took his phone away.

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It’s nice to see Trump’s spending his time doing something productive instead of learning about foreign and domestic policy. After all, that stuff’s going to be his vice president’s job while Trump focuses on “making America great again.”

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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