Trump Slams Clinton For Not Knowing What The ‘C’ In Emails Means – But He Doesn’t Know, Either (TWEETS)

“C” can stand for any number of things. For instance, as a consonant, it has a hard or soft sound. “City” is soft, “confidential” is hard. When you see it in emails, it can mean “copy” — as in, “cc” or “carbon copy”  — or it can mean “confidential.”

You have to do some research or see the emails to known which.

Donald Trump did neither before launching into another Twitter tirade about the non-scandal surrounding the private email server used by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday and in the process made himself look like another word starting with “C”: A clueless chump.

Brought to you by the letter “C”

Clinton’s private email server has been a popular target of Bernie Bros and Trump supporting Republicans alike, and it’s telling that after more than 20 years of trying to tar Clinton, the best the Republicans can dig up is a non-scandal concerning a private email server and some emails.

Trump attempted to use it as a launching pad for a Twitter tirade on Sunday, kicking things off with the rather obtuse comment: “Lyin’ Hillary told the FBI that she did not know the ‘C’ markings on documents stood for CLASSIFIED. How can this be happening?”

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It was echoed by his campaign manager, too, except she seems to have confused Clinton for Kerry:

There’s just one little problem — as FBI director James Comey has noted, the “c” in the emails didn’t stand for “classified.” They stood for “confidential,” and there’s a world of difference between the two words, as users on Twitter were quick to point out:

On Friday, the FBI released a detailed report on the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server, including a summary of their three-hour interview with the former secretary of state. As Senator and VP candidate Tim Kaine noted on Sunday, however, Clinton wanted the public to see the materials:

“The reason these materials are being made public is that Hillary Clinton said, ‘I want the public to see them. It demonstrates in very significant detail why the FBI chose not to go forward with any additional proceeding.”

It won’t change minds. The people who believe this are going to believe it no matter what evidence they’re shown or how many times their pet theories are debunked. However, that it’s out there is just one more piece of ammo to use against idiots like Trump — providing he ever gets his “c’s” figured out.

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