Trump Shows Off Giant Cardboard Anti-Hillary Meme Recently Seen On David Duke’s Twitter (IMAGES)

What is it with Donald Trump and white supremacists? Many people are saying that Trump is a racist, but he says he isn’t. All I know is, there’s something going on. There’s definitely something going on.

At a rally in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on August 10, Trump told the crowd that he wanted to “put some things down,” but he said he didn’t want to hang screens in the arena. So, he told them he was doing it the “old-fashioned way” — by sharing the information on “cards” he had made. Here is the first card he held up for the audience.

via YouTube

via YouTube

On that card is a list of countries that have donated to the Clinton Foundation. At the bottom, it reads “Then, Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved those countries’ weapons deals.”

There’s no attribution on the poster, so we don’t know where the information came from. But we’ve recently seen that exact same display, with one slight change. It was posted on Twitter on July 5, along with several pro-Trump hashtags.

David Duke tweet

Yes, that’s white nationalist and former Klan leader David Duke who posted the meme on Twitter. His post is identical to Trump’s sign, save for the Star of David on the $20 bill.

The meme didn’t start with Duke. In fact, it has been circulating around Facebook since at least last September, minus the Star of David. But this isn’t the first time The Donald and his campaign have made use of a meme that had previously also been shared by a member of a racist group. Remember this one?

Trump tweet


That meme originated on a 4chan message board for neo-Nazis and other assorted white supremacists. The backlash was so great that Trump deleted that tweet and then produced a new version of the meme, replacing the six-point star with a circle. Because, you know, in the world of Trump a cosmetic change completely eliminates the fact that you borrowed something from a bunch of racists.

We can’t say with certainty that Trump or his campaign picked up the most recent meme from Duke, but it is obvious that Duke and Trump are on the same page on many issues. Given that Trump and many of his advisors are veterans of the Twitter-verse, they would be wise to try and avoid future controversy with one simple rule: If a racist shared it, then we shouldn’t. But wait, I just used the words “Trump” and “wise” in the same sentence, didn’t I?

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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