Trump Security Punches Latino In The Head For Daring To Protest Trump’s Racism (VIDEO)

If protest and the right to assemble peacefully (including signs and banners) is a 1st Amendment right, what right does someone have to come up and forcefully snatch away one’s sign, or banner? Or even deface it, for that matter, being that it is also a piece of personal property?

That’s just what Donald Trump’s security team did, Thursday, though, at Trump’s loyalty-oath signing ceremony, as one can see quite blatantly in the video below:

As the video above states:

Some assembled on the 5th Ave. sidewalk are dressed as members of the KKK. They wanted to draw attention to the Republicans’ call to deport millions of undocumented immigrants.

After snatching away a group of peaceful demonstrators’ banner which read: “TRUMP: MAKE AMERICA RACIST AGAIN,” one of the demonstrators ran up attempting to get back his rightful property, but was instead met with a brutal punch to the head by the very same member of Trump’s security team who illegally stole the banner (PROPERTY) from the demonstrators.

Then he added a highly conspicuous assault to that charge, only get this: Trump’s campaign says they’re thinking about suing the assaulted demonstrator for stopping security’s fist with the back of his head. The New York Times reports:

The Trump campaign said that the security team member on Thursday was ‘jumped from behind’ and that the campaign would ‘likely be pressing charges.’

The assaulted man, a longtime cherished activist in both the U.S. and Mexico this writer is fortunate enough to have met and spent a good deal of time with around the Spanish translation table in Zuccotti Park during the Occupy Wall St. movement back in 2011, stated:

They took all the – all our banners and stuff. They wanted to rip them up but we rescued some of them.

His name will remain anonymous, however, for his own work and safety. (Though send me a message, friend, if this article finds its way to your eyes! Good to see you!)

The video also states, “Trump’s aides say that the demonstrators were blocking the sidewalk,” which is the same bullshit line they used to use in Occupy to clear us all out of any undesired areas when our strength, numbers and presence were getting too strong. That’s America for you – freedom to assemble so long as you don’t take up space. You can fight for your rights as a citizen, so long as you don’t do so much as even block a sidewalk and inconvenience someone so much as make them take a couple steps to the side to walk by.

Clearly our 1st Amendment rights are merely an illusion to pacify the masses into subjection. Don’t so much as block a sidewalk. It’s more important that a few people don’t have to sidestep, or heaven forbid, cross the street to continue down the road, than for a nation of people to stand up for their rights.

That’s right, our rights to freedom of speech mean less than blocking a sidewalk to the elite and powerful.

This is why we stand up, this is why we protest and demonstrate, and this is why these folks have every right to take their banners back when they are being stolen. You do not seek permission from power to affect change within the establishment of power. It will never work that way. You have to make them change, or you have to cut off their power as if it were water and we, the people, the city of Detroit.

To no surprise at all, however, the stolen banner, along with the criminal thief, both disappeared into Trump Tower after the incident and did not re-emerge.

In the end, the police were called, too. Any guesses which side they were on?

This is just a sample of what folks can expect should Trump ever become president.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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