Trump Says Hillary’s Bodyguards Should Be Disarmed To ‘See What Happens To Her’ (VIDEO)

For the second time this summer, Donald Trump has directed his attention to gun lovers and joked about Hillary Clinton being assassinated.

At a rally in Miami, the Republican candidate told the crowd (falsely) that Hillary Clinton had vowed to “destroy your Second Amendment.” After pausing to let the boos die down, he went on to suggest that Clinton might meet her demise if she didn’t have the armed Secret Service to protect her.

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“She wants to destroy your Second Amendment,” Trump said without a hint of proof. “I think what we should do is, she goes around with armed bodyguards like you have never seen before. I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. They should disarm. Right? I think they should disarm immediately.”

Adding: “Take their guns away. She doesn’t want guns,” he said. “Let’s see what happens to her.

The point was clear: Hillary Clinton will get what’s coming to her for her stance on guns.

In early August, Trump made a similarly disgusting veiled threat. In front of another crowd, he suggested “Second Amendment people” could stop Clinton from appointing Supreme Court justices after she won the election.

Like the previous time, Trump’s “joke” about Clinton’s murder comes at a time when his campaign is being humiliated on nearly every front. Trump’s week has been spent defending himself over renewed scrutiny over five years of racist suggestions about Obama’s place of birth. Today, hours before making the dangerous comments about Clinton, he (reluctantly) publicly renounced birtherism for the first time.

It appears that threats against his opponent are his way of lashing out.

Just like Obama, Clinton has never once suggested her goal is to get rid of the 2nd Amendment. Unlike Trump, however, Clinton is for responsible gun control and increased background checks – both measures Trump and his backers at the NRA vehemently oppose. For her reasonable solutions to America’s gun problem, Trump has now twice suggested she deserves to die.

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