Trump Says Hillary ‘Used Chemicals’ To Bleach Away Evidence Of Her Deleted Emails (VIDEO)

At a rally in Everett, Washington on Tuesday night, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of using “chemicals” to bleach all evidence of her deleted emails.

“33,000 emails that she deleted,” he fumed. “They’re gone!”

It was actually her lawyers that deleted them, but let’s not dwell on facts.

“Not only deleted, folks. This was after she was subpoenaed by Congress,” he droned on.

“And not only that, she BLEACHED which somebody said they’d never even heard of,” Trump blithered. “In a very expensive fashion, used chemicals so that nobody will ever be able to see them.”

Here’s what Trump was probably told and what his brain couldn’t fully process.

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Hillary Clinton’s server disks were wiped using a software product called “Bleach Bit.” The software executes a clean wipe of all information, ensuring no lingering information is left to recover. This may have even been explained to the attention span deficient billionaire, but after five minutes the only thing he could probably remember was “bleach” and so he just went with that.

Donald Trump

Image via Giphy and YouTube.

But one never-say-die Trump supporter has a different theory.

Image via YouTube.

Image via YouTube.

In other news, we believe that we may have discovered the true identity of Bill Baldwin; take a look at this old footage featuring a pro-wrestling fan professing his eternal gullibility to some of his favorite spandex-wearing “sports entertainers.”

While Trump’s ability to turn his confusion into straight up lies is troubling, the level of gullibility that many of his supporters have is downright terrifying.

Featured image via YouTube.

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