Trump Says He’ll ‘Make Us Safe’, Names Guy With No Foreign Policy Background As His Foreign Policy Advisor


Two positively tragic thing occurred within the last 24 hours: Brussels, Belgium was rocked by several cowardly ISIS terror attacks and Donald Trump totally invalidated any good will in the aftermath by saying horribly incoherent and offensive sh*t. It was clear he didn’t know the first thing about the country and one must wonder how frantically Trump and his million moron army googled “Brussels.”

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Donald Trump preys on people’s irrational emotions and prejudice, so it’s only natural that he came out swinging following the deadly bombings in Belgium. Much like with the more devastating terror attacks in Paris, Trump was ready to trash Brussels for somehow inviting the terror attacks.

Frighteningly enough, Trump just so happened to name Sen Jeff Sessions (R-AL),  a man with little to no foreign policy experience, as his foreign policy advisor. Why you might ask? Because Trump is all about rewarding people who kiss his orange a**, and Sessions was among one of the only rank-and-file Republicans to endorse Trump. So this ‘promotion’ is purely smoke and mirrors to convince the GOP establishment that he can win over some of their own. 

Considered one of the most conservative members of Congress, his positions on civil rights, gay marriage, race relations, immigration and abortion rights follow today’s far-right conservative orthodoxy. The list of his domestic policy red flags goes on and on. But when it comes to foreign policy, the only experience he has is eating at the International House of Pancakes. Despite his membership on the Senate Armed Services Committee, national security policy is not his strong suit. He is known more for his experience as a former state attorney general and a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

And when it comes to veterans, a group Trump loves to pretend to care about, he’s utterly despicable.

For example, Senator Jeff Sessions once said we just can’t afford a bill to help out veterans dealing with the tragedy of unnecessarily long waiting periods to get treated at VA hospitals. Yeah, I just wrote that. And now this lunatic is advising a bigger lunatic. What could possibly go wrong?


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