Trump Says He Was In The Military, Because He Went To An Expensive Boarding School

Donald Trump, who received draft deferments during the Vietnam War and never served in the military, says he is equal to or better than a person who actually did serve. His reason is that he went to a military themed boarding school in New York.

Trump attended the New York Military Academy when he was young, when he was sent there by his parents to correct poor behavior.

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Trump says that playing soldier in an expensive prep school  “gave him more training, ‘militarily’ than a lot of the guys that go into the military”.

How any sane person can look at this clown and continue to take him seriously is beyond my capacity. He literally says that he is more experienced in military matters than veterans who served in combat and war, because he was sent to a school for wayward youths and wore a uniform while there.

If you remember, Trump recently mocked Senator John McCain who was a decorated soldier and was held as a P.O.W. for years, saying that he was not a military hero.


He’s not a war hero. He is a war hero because he got captured. I like people that weren’t captured.

So I guess The Donald thinks he is better than McCain “militarily” speaking because he got out of being drafted, while McCain was a prisoner of war.

Trump was bounced out of his regular prep school, and sent to the “military” one, when he gave a teacher a black eye. The reason was Trump didn’t think he knew anything about music.

We have a spoiled rich bully, that literally never grew out of it wanting to be the next President. He is also leading the pack by a substantial margin. Think about that.

So far, Trump has managed to insult women, minorities, immigrants, the poor, the Republican establishment, and now military veterans. Every time before, these things actually improved his numbers. Will this be the one that finally trips him up? Probably not. Trump is single handedly forcing every Republican voter to be a public hypocrite, and likely turning off swing candidates in droves. It definitely will make a fascinating election if he wins the nomination.

Featured image via Broward Palm Beach New Times

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