Trump Said Nobody ‘Has Worse Judgment Than Hillary Clinton’ So Twitter Slapped Him With Some Truth

It’s so great when someone proves your point for you, isn’t it? Hillary Clinton, in her powerhouse acceptance speech Thursday night, had a great line about Trump being a man who can be baited by a Tweet and that, because of this, we don’t want him to have nuclear weapons. The balloons had barely hit the floor before Donald Trump was Tweeting away.

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Way to show restraint there, Sparky. The response was immediate as the Twitterverse let Trump have it.

What kind of self-involved twit goes and does exactly what he was accused of? Trump has shown that he should not be allowed within 20 feet of any device that can access Twitter. He uses Twitter as a place in which to throw tantrums, and hissy fits, insult people, whine about the media and incite hate.

Thankfully, the snark is strong on Twitter and the Twitterverse is always ready to throw shade Trump’s way. From the hilarious #TrumpBible hashtag to correcting Trump’s atrocious spelling, the denizens of Twitter have shown why Trump should really just lay off the Twitter.

As long as Donald Trump continues to Tweet hate, fear and stupidity there will be thousands ready to counter it. I, for one, am grateful for the Twitter anti-Trump brigade. Because, as funny as it can be to read their work — and, oh, it is — it’s also important to call Trump on every lie, every bit of bullsh!t and every made-up “fact.” This is how democracy works. I bet even the Founders would approve.

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