Trump Said He Checked Out Hillary From Behind During The Debate But ‘Wasn’t Impressed’ (VIDEO)

In terms of human sleaze, you don’t get much worse than Donald Trump. Just when you think he’s at the bottom of the pit and can’t go any deeper, he finds a stronger drill bit and starts digging.

And he did a lot of digging at a Greensboro rally in North Carolina today; in addition to denying the accusations of sexual assault leveled against him because, in his abridged words, “I’d never sexually assault something that ugly,” he also assessed Clinton’s appearance and said he “wasn’t impressed.”


Trump has issues with personal space. Throughout the Sunday debate, he hovered over Clinton like one of those stupid cartoon vultures hanging off a fence, waiting for who knows what. It sure wasn’t a mistake to capitalize on — Trump’s entire campaign can be summed up with that word. He wouldn’t know how to capitalize on a political mistake if someone told him; he can’t even capitalize on good real estate deals and that’s his goddamn job.

He would then go on to whine that Clinton violated his space.

Trump continued accusations in a similar vein on Sunday but took them in a really skeevy direction when he admitted to assessing Hillary Clinton’s appearance as she walked in front of him during the debate. He then told the audience that he “wasn’t impressed” — which, like “mistake” is another good way to describe my thoughts on his entire campaign:

“I’m standing at my podium and she walks in front of me, right. She walks in front of me, you know. And when she walked in front of me, believe me, I wasn’t impressed.”

This is aggressively gross. This guy makes my skin crawl, and I hate sharing a biological sex and skin tone with him and with the people who support him precisely because of it.

While making his speech, Trump also lamented that President Obama hasn’t had any sexual assault allegations thrown his way, showing a staggeringly weak grasp of how reality works:

“He’s talking about me like he knows me. I don’t know him. “He doesn’t know me. And why doesn’t some woman maybe come up and say what they say falsely about me? They could say it about him. They could say it about anybody.”

That’s because, unlike you Donald, President Obama is a decent human begin. President Obama is probably up there with Jimmy Carter in terms of “good people to hold the presidency.” I disagree with a number of his policies, but there’s no question President Obama is a morally upstanding human being and a great guy all around.

Unlike Trump, who routinely proves he could’ve crawled out from under a pile of wet clothes left in a moldy basement for several weeks.

Watch the video below:

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