Trump Responds To Attacks From Glenn Beck And The National Review

It is always amazing to me how the GOP (the so-called party of accountability) never seems to want to take responsibility for  their own actions.

This past week one of Sarah Palin’s lesser known “Garbage Palin Kids,” Track Palin, was arrested for beating his girlfriend while in a drunken rage. Now, any rational person would look at this violent incident as a reflection of the parents not instilling the right set of values in their children or at the very least blame the perpetrator himself for his own inexcusable behavior, but who does the former Alaskan Governor blame for the eldest Palin son’s despicable acts? Well Barrack Obama, of course!

This seems to be a running theme among Republicans who say they pride themselves on independence while at the same time always portraying themselves as the perpetual victim.

Enter Donald Trump.

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As the primaries heat up and Donald Trump starts to face real challenges along the campaign trail, we begin to see Trump’s domination of the polls and the news cycles wane a little as other Republican candidates and pundits finally find the courage to take this bully on at his own game. Recently Trump came under fire by National Review Magazine, a staple in conservative politics. Last week NR released its latest issue with the words “Against Trump”  sprawled across their cover. Inside more than twenty conservative thinkers weighed in on Trump and what his ascension to the highest office in the land would mean for America. The issues kicked off with a scathing editorial that reads, in part;

Trump is a philosophically unmoored political opportunist who would trash the broad conservative ideological consensus within the GOP in favor of a free-floating populism with strong-man overtones,

The issue continues with various articles that examine the very scary and very real rise of Trump, his followers and the disastrous effects to our country if Trump were to ever actually reach the Oval Office.

Trump, of course, responded in his usual combative fashion of calling those who would dare to question or criticize him, “losers” and “idiots” and lamented that the National Review is a “dying magazine, it’s failing, nobody reads it” and went on to accuse the magazine of attacking him simply to boost their own poor circulation.

And Trump’s bitter tirade was not over yet. He also went on to vehemently attack right-wing radio host Glenn Beck for his endorsement of Republican candidate Ted Cruz:

His show’s failing, he’s failing, he’s always crying, I cried when I was 1-years-old. I was a baby. And my mother — who’s great, she was from Scotland — she said: ‘Even then, you didn’t cry very much.’ Okay, I don’t want crying — you know, I think crying’s fine. But, I mean, I see this guy, and he’s a sad sack. And he cries.

With only a week left before the Iowa Caucus, and the attacks on Trump becoming more personal and commonplace it is very clear that Donald Trump, like most bullies, is a man who can dish it out but certainly can’t take it. Let’s hope the pressures of the campaign trail will eventually force this bully to take his ball and go home.

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