Trump REPEATEDLY Uses The Phrase ‘You People’ In Meeting With HBCU Leaders

This may come as a total shock, but Donald Trump’s meeting with the leaders of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) didn’t go very well. Granted, it could have been worse. After all, Trump didn’t drop “the N word” or show up in a white sheet, but he still managed to make a few eyebrow-raising comments.

Buzzfeed reports that six different people who attended the meeting said Trump used the phrase “you people,” repeatedly.

“You people are doing an amazing job,” four people in the room recalled Trump saying. Two of them said Trump repeated the complimentary refrain three times. They all said the comments raised eyebrows, and it was discussed afterward even as others just said it was Trump being Trump.

It was “very insensitive,” one of the college presidents said, but added that while the phrase irked him and his colleagues, it also struck him as “very Trump-ish.”

But considering we are talking about Trump, the great white hope of the alt-right (aka white supremacists), he actually did better than expected. When speaking to Buzzfeed, one college president said that he spent the whole meeting just “waiting on him to say something worse.”

While the meeting was probably set up with the intention of proving that Trump really isn’t the racist he appears to be, it certainly hasn’t done him any favors. Pictures are making rounds of Kellyanne Conway sitting on the couch in the Oval Office during the meeting — playing on her phone while barefoot with her legs tucked underneath her, like a child who has never been taught manners.

Meanwhile, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos sent out a statement praising HBCUs for being “pioneers in school choice,” Not surprisingly, this didn’t go over so great. Many people said that such a remark means she is either completely oblivious as to why HBCUs were created in the first place or she is endorsing segregation.

Featured image via Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images

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