Trump Releases Rant On Stein Recount Request Calling It A ‘Scam’

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Donald Trump isn’t too impressed with Jill Stein right now. What is surprising is how long he waited to unleash a rant on her!

Saturday, just hours after the Clinton campaign announced its support of Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s move for recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, Trump released his own statement on “the Ridiculous Green Party Recount Request” blasting Stein for initiating the “scam.”

Although, prior to winning he called the election system “rigged” numerous times and refused to say whether or not he would concede a loss, Trump is now playing the high and mighty, let’s all work together, position.

In the statement, he says,

“The people have spoken and the election is over, and as Hillary Clinton herself said on election night, in addition to her conceding by congratulating me, ‘We must accept this result and then look to the future.”

Since when does Trump quote Clinton? Except to call her a liar. Although, that was during the campaign. Since he’s been elected, his stance on many things has softened. Including Hillary. Now it is Stein Trump has set his ire towards, accusing her of using the move for a recount to:

“fill her coffers with money, most of which she will never even spend on this ridiculous recount. All three states were won by large numbers of voters, especially Pennsylvania, which was won by more than 70,000 votes.”

Indeed, Stein has raised more money in support of the recount then she did her entire campaign. As of Saturday afternoon, her website has raised almost $6M of the $7M goal

But doing what Trump does best, instead of supporting any notion of democracy, he screams at those who oppose him, even after he supposedly won:
“This is a scam by the Green Party for an election that has already been conceded, and the results of this election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused, which is exactly what Jill Stein is doing.”


“Rather than adhere to the tradition of graciously conceding and wishing the winner well, they’ve opted to waste millions of dollars and dismiss the democratic process. The people have spoken. Time to listen up. #YesYourPresident.”

Stein’s move was triggered by electronic voting irregularities noted last week in the three swing states suggesting perhaps the machines may have been tampered with or hacked… in other words “rigged.”

Perhaps, Trump was right all along and now he’s scared what will happen when everyone finds out.

Here is the full statement:

Featured image via Steve Pope/ Getty Images

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