Friends No More: Trump’s Rant Shows His True Colors After Carson’s Poll Numbers Surge (VIDEO)

Donald Trump was all sorts of butthurt this weekend when new poll numbers were released. In a whiny tantrum that would make a teenage girl on phone restriction proud, he attacked Ben Carson after Carson’s poll numbers surpassed Trump’s in Iowa.

Up until now the two GOP nominee hopefuls have led the huge, yet shallow, field of Republicans running in an almost jovial camaraderie.

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Trump had previously even told CNN’s New Day program:

We have a very good relationship, and we’re not as different as people think. There’s certainly a different style. You know, I have great assets and he has great assets. But we are both resonating, there’s no question about it.

First place Trump with close second place Carson held an easy truce and seemed almost like old friends. Even with rumblings of a Trump/Carson ticket. That is, they did until Carson stepped out of line and usurped Trumps lead in Iowa.

Trump seemed to begin his assault on Carson’s rising poll numbers by attempting to deflect the focus of the media from them to Carson’s Seventh Day Adventist faith. This appears to have done nothing good for Trump, who now has even begun attacking Carson for his energy level in a re-hashed carbon copy of one of his Jeb(!) one-liners.

Watch Trump’s whiney interview here, courtesy of YouTube:


Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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