Trump Rallies Get Even More Bigoted: ‘Go To Auschwitz!’ ‘Go Back To Africa!’ (VIDEOS)

Donald Trump rallies are getting more bigoted and more violent by the day. The Republican frontrunner has given every racist in America the freedom to stand up and shout their hate-filled vitriol from the rooftops, such as his supporters do full force in the latest videos making rounds on social media.

Following the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s, blatant upfront racism was frowned upon and prejudice was something to be kept ever present but hidden just out of plain sight. No longer. Trump has done away with “political correctness,” and made it once again perfectly acceptable to shout racial slurs into the face of anyone who disagrees with their hateful ideology.

This anti-Semitic man, angered by the presence of protesters and emboldened by mob mentality, can be seen proudly shouting “Go to Auschwitz! Go to f***ing Auschwitz!”

Here, a man at a Trump rally in Cleveland, Ohio repeatedly shouts in the face of a black woman, “Go back to Africa!”

Trump has tapped into the deeply rooted racism that has always existed in America. He has these bigots out of the shadows and given them permission to be as hateful as they please. Trump has Made America Hate Again.

Featured image via video screen capture

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