Trump P*SSED After His Campaign Manager Makes Huge Confession About Obama (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway, the spokeswoman for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, is often widely praised as being one of Trump’s smartest campaign hires.

Like her or not, Conway is pretty darn good at her job. She can find an (almost) human way to connect while spinning a negative that hurts her candidate. And of all the Trump surrogates, she more often than not comes across as the sanest, despite some of the insane notions she actively promotes.

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In other words, she a pro; perhaps the best money can buy if you’re an out-of-control woman-hating narcissistic neo-fascist megalomaniac whose tenuous tether to reality is always in danger of breaking with just one tweet.

However, during an appearance on with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Wednesday night, Conway made a startling admission that ran counter to everything her candidate has been saying for several years.

During the interview, Cooper pressed Conway on her talking points concerning Hillary Clinton and her weaknesses as a presidential candidate.

After a brief back and forth over Trump and the GOP’s election fraud and rigging myths, Cooper mentioned that one of Trump’s strongest supporters no longer felt that Trump had a chance at winning.

Conservative talk show host and author Laura Ingraham said that it “would take a miracle for Trump to win,” citing the widening gulf between Trump and Clinton in recent polls.

Conway countered by insisting that the polls were not counting all of the “hidden” Trump voters but rather were counting every voter who is going to vote for Hillary.

She then questioned why Hillary isn’t doing better, to which Cooper replied:

“I’m not arguing she’s a the great candidate, but why can’t your candidate defeat somebody who you’re saying is not a very good candidate?”

In answering Cooper’s question, Conway managed to embarrassingly contradict her boss’s long-time assertion that Barack Obama is one of the worst presidents in history.

“She has so many advantages,” Conway argued. “She has endless money, she has a lot of the media. She has a very popular president and First Lady out there campaigning for her. I’m mystified as to why she can’t get to those 52, 53 percent numbers in some of these states, given the disadvantages we’re handed every day.”

Thank you, Ms. Conway, that’ll do. That’ll do.

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