Trump Proudly ADMITS He Buys Politicians — Including Almost Everyone On Stage With Him (VIDEO)

Donald Trump can’t help but be a bombastic bonehead. The Republican debate farce Thursday served only one real purpose — and that was to discredit Donald Trump. Fox News sent all of its moderators for The Donald.

Baier got him to raise his hand, showing he wouldn’t pledge not to run as a third-party candidate. Kelly asked questions that led him to be downright sexist on live national television — then later admit he’s a dirty businessman who buys politicians!

When asked about why he’d given money to Democratic politicians, Trump replied:

I’m a businessman. When they call,. I give. And you know what? When I call them two years later, three years later, they are there for me.

The video of that happening is surprisingly on the upload list of Fox News on YouTube, listed as “Donald Trump supports single payer healthcare, which isn’t even close to what he said. Fox, it seems, has decided to keep the smear campaign going.

The funny thing is that in this particular segment of the video, Trump openly admits that he has bought politicians — including most of the lawmakers on stage with him! Of course, Trump has also given to and supported many Democrats and liberal causes over the years, so it would appear that his cash knows no party lines.

Every one of these guys looks disgusted with the Donald at one point or another, even though, according to Trump, almost every one of them has been in his pocket at one time or another.

And the saga that is Donald Trump 2016 gets better by the day.

Watch The Donald admit he owns all of the candidates on stage with him, except Huckabee:

Featured Image: Screen capture

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