Trump Promises He’ll Exercise Twitter ‘Restraint’ – Then IMMEDIATELY Sends These Unhinged Tweets

On Saturday Night Live, an exacerbated Dave Chappelle told the country, “America’s done it, we’ve actually elected an Internet troll as our president.” He wasn’t kidding. Trump’s Twitter account has been an unending stream of unhinged rants, vicious smears of his opponents, and unchecked whining about the people and things he doesn’t like. And now he’s president.

So it’s no surprise that people look at Trump – a man who will have access to the nuclear codes – with fear that his unstable temperament and lack of any restraint is a national security risk unlike anything the country has seen. There have been great presidents. There have been bad presidents. But there has never been a president who has lashed out at one of his critics by telling his supporters to go find her sex tape.

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But in an interview with 60 Minutes, Trump said he was past all that. He vowed that as president he will be “very restrained” on Twitter, and may not use it at all.

So maybe he turned over a new leaf?

Nope. Just hours after the interview aired, Trump made a mockery of his own words by using Twitter to attack the New York Times for covering the trainwreck unfolding in his poorly run transition team.

(This had the bonus of being a lie as well as an attack on the press. Newspapers are struggling in the digital age, but not because they hold Donald Trump accountable for his words and actions.)

And rather than let things go, a still clearly angry Trump continued his rant against the New York Times all morning. (This is a man whose lawyers claim is “too busy” to appear at his fraud trial. Clearly he has a bit of time on his hands.)

Trump has, in fact, said that other countries should get nuclear weapons to protect themselves so America doesn’t have to be the world’s “policemen.”

“Wouldn’t you rather in a certain sense have Japan have nuclear weapons when North Korea has nuclear weapons?” he asked Cooper.

Cooper also asked Trump: “Saudi Arabia, nuclear weapons?”

Trump: “Saudi Arabia, absolutely.”

But because Trump has no real policy positions on anything, he has also said that he doesn’t believe these same countries should be allowed to have nuclear weapons. Apparently, Trump feels he gets to choose which of those two answers the New York Times gets to publish.

Trump isn’t even in the Oval Office yet and he’s already showing anti-democratic tendencies on press freedom as well as the right to protest. Once he gains absolute power in the Executive Branch, those tendencies will only get more dangerous.

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