Trump Plays Golf Again In Wake Of Damning Comey Testimony

Rather than stick around in Washington following former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate testimony, Donald Trump decided to go golfing again instead as his scandals grow.

At this point in his presidency, President Obama had only played golf ONE time. Trump, on the other hand, has played golf well over a dozen times since taking office. This is despite promising during the campaign that he would refrain from playing golf so much, and despite his repeated attacks on President Obama whenever he played golf.

Unlike Obama, Trump is embroiled in scandal and America faces a difficult future as Trump continues distancing our country away from the international community and his policies continue hurting the homeland.

During his testimony this week, Comey detailed how Trump demanded his loyalty and fired him for refusing to drop the Russia investigation. Interference in a federal investigation is known as obstruction of justice, an impeachable offense. By firing Comey in an effort to kill it, Trump committed a very serious crime.

But that didn’t stop Trump from declaring vindication on Friday and accusing Comey of perjury while calling him a “leaker.”

Trump didn’t even bother staying in Washington to face more questions. Instead, he ran away to his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey to avoid reporters, who have been busily analyzing Trump’s claims and accusations. CNN even caught Trump lying and committing hypocrisy when he claimed that he has never asked anyone to pledge allegiance to him.

Scandals are plaguing his administration and the world is in crisis, yet as usual, Trump is abandoning any and all responsibilities of the presidency to play more golf.

Every American should be outraged. Conservatives repeatedly called President Obama “lazy” and “irresponsible” for playing golf. Yet Trump is on pace to play even MORE golf in a single year than President Obama played in eight. If anyone is lazy and irresponsible, it’s Donald Trump. He should be in Washington facing questions. But like a coward who has something to hide, he made outrageous accusations, declared victory, and then cut and ran as far away from the press as possible.

It’s time for Congress to act. Trump and his entire administration should be impeached. America needs a full-time president who actually knows what the hell he is doing and doesn’t mind working hard for the American people. Trump is neither of those.

Featured image via Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

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