Trump Or Monkey: Watch That Hilarious Time Letterman Invented A Game Mocking Trump (VIDEO)

Although Colbert has been doing a good job as the new host of the Late Show, there’s a huge part of me that’s still forlorn over David Letterman. Dave’s biting sarcasm and thoughtfulness during interviews was legendary. For example, his interviews with Bill O’Reilly were always sharp and evocative.

Donald Trump’s presidential run has been an uncomfortable mesh of funny and scary. What seemingly began as a joke has now become a biohazard level 3 disaster. Letterman has had some pretty epic interviews with Trump, including the one in wich he  exposed the fact that Trump’s ties were actually made in china. That appearance was more notable. But flying under the radar was a more dated but funnier episode in which Letterman made up a segment called Trump or Monkey. Of course, this was back when Trump was just a national punchline; not a national punchline who could get access to the nuclear launch codes.

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 Watch That Hilarious Time Letterman Invented A Game Mocking Trump Below:

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