Trump Opens His Campaign With Fraud; Hires Actors To Attend Launch

The launch of the Donald’s “Trump for President 2016” campaign came with plenty of laughs. Not because his launch speech was well written and witty, but because he’s just so ridiculous.

The speech was full of “we need to get America back” rhetoric to appeal to the right-wing extremists, coupled with a disgraceful insult to Mexico and its people. Toss in a good ten minutes of absolute narcissism where the Donald listed his properties but not his multiple bankruptcies and what you have is a clown with a horrible comb-over in an expensive suit and no experience at anything other than being a real estate shyster making a play for the highest office in the land.

Why not? The Republican convention is looking like it will have as many candidates as delegates. If you can afford to throw away millions, or if you’re charismatic enough to swindle people out of donations, you too can have a spot on the stage with 18 other dimwits who want us all to hate the poor and worship the dollar.

And Jesus. Let’s not forget Jesus.

The Donald’s roll-out was made even more ridiculous when it was discovered that he actually paid actors to be there. Angelo Carusone, Executive Vice President of Media Matters, is no stranger to Trump’s unforgiving frown. After leading a campaign to petition Macy’s to dump their dealings with Trump, he threatened to sue for $25M. Carusone is obviously not afraid of Trump.

The account that posted the picture of the actor Carusone outed was deleted, but this not being his first big picnic, Carusone had a screen capture ready to go:


Carusone explains:

The gentleman who posted the pic is a paid actor who regularly posts photos from his gigs on social media. This seemed like all the others from his gigs that he posts. Sure. It seemed fishy. But, but I figured that perhaps it was just a coincidence? Paid actors can support presidential candidates too. No big. I persisted in my incredulity at the thought that Trump might actually pay actors to attend his campaign launch.

Then I discovered the other person pictured in the photo is also a paid actress. Hmmm. That got me thinking a bit. So, I did some digging. Here’s what I discovered…

According to sources: some actors were hired to attend and participate in the event; and, a company called Extra Mile NYC connected Trump’s campaign/event organizers with the paid actors.

I reached out to Extra Mile NYC for comment, but they did not respond.

And there it is. Donald Trump, candidate for President of the United States and biggest D-bag in the universe, had to hire people to support his stupidity, laugh at his not-funny jokes and applaud when cued to do so.

The only thing that could possibly be more sad than Trump’s campaign launch would be Trump presidency.

Image: SodaHead

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