Trump On ‘Texit’ Secession: ‘Texas Will Never Do That If I’m President, Texas Loves Me’ (VIDEO)

After the United Kingdom’s vote to break away from the European Union this past week, the world has been in a tailspin. But not Texas Nationalists! Nope – they are loving it and are calling for another vote on a Texas secession. They tried this before the Texas Republican Convention in May, and failed to get a vote, but this time, it seems to be gaining momentum, with over 260,000 people having signed their petition. They have even named it “Texit”, after the British referendum known as “Brexit,” and according to comments he has made made, Governor Greg Abbott may even be stupid enough to seriously consider this craziness.

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Trump, however, believes that he alone will be Texas’ savior. Because when he is president Texas won’t want to leave.

While he was busy touring his golf resorts by Trump helicopter, he took a moment to land and speak to reporters. When asked about the news stirring in Texas, he had this to say:

Texas will never do that because Texas loves me,Texas would never do that if I’m president.

Sorry, Mr. Trump, but not everyone in Texas loves you. In fact, as a Texan myself, if there were ever a reason for me to want to leave this great country, it would be because you were president.

Watch the Fox News report here:

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