Trump Official Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Murder

A top executive at the Trump Organization and an attorney who serves as special counsel to Donald Trump proved on Tuesday that the bigoted billionaire isn’t the only one within the Trump campaign who shouldn’t be allowed to have a Twitter account.

Shortly before the House Benghazi Committee released their report, Michael Cohen posted a meme on Twitter accusing Hillary Clinton of “murdering an ambassador” in Benghazi. He tweeted about a new NBC/WSJ poll, with the meme depicting the presumptive Democratic nominee accompanying his post. Cohen wrote, “This picture says it all.”

I presided over $6 billion lost at the State Department, sold uranium to the Russians through my faux charity, illegally deleted public records, and murdered an ambassador,” the meme reads. “ELECT ME!

The meme features the watermark of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, “a community founded by United States Marine Veterans to bring awareness of the lame stream media.” The group claims that their mission “is to raise awareness of threats foreign and domestic against our Constitutional Rights by providing accurate news, commentary, and facilitating the organization of Patriot groups in the defense of Freedom.”

Cohen’s post came just before the House Select Committee On Benghazi released its final report on Tuesday. Although the report does criticize the United States military and the State Department, no fault whatsoever was found in the actions taken by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or President Obama and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

Social media has been a thorn in the side of the Trump campaign since the very beginning, with the presumptive Republican nominee having a bad habit of retweeting white supremacists and engaging in Twitter wars fit more for a middle schooler than a man who wants to be the leader of the free world. Cohen just proved that Trump has surrounded himself with people that are as idiotic and misinformed as he is himself.

Featured image via The Wrap

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