Trump-Obsessed Media Remains Silent As Obama Approval Ratings Hit Higher Than EVER

Having dealt with a party full of petulant man-children for eight solid years, President Obama has finally discovered that he just doesn’t care what they think of him. There are no more elections to try to win, so, understandably, Obama is taking care of business and taking names. If his incredibly funny and sarcastic WHCD performance says anything, it’s that Obama just has no more f*cks left to give. He’s telling his opponents: Come at me.

Although smugly written off by the mainstream media as a lame duck, President Obama has garnered some huge wins during his second term, and the American people have taken notice. For example, he’s normalized relations with Cuba, implemented a historic nuclear deal with Iran, and presided over an economy that has recorded 73 straight months of job growth. And he has done all of this after inheriting a raging war and economic disaster from George Bush.

Obama’s approval rating hit a three-year high of 53 percent, according to Gallup. Moreover, the president currently has a  staggering 66 percent approval rating among voters 18-29. George Bush, having played a role in crashing the world economy and wrecking the Middle East (even more so than it already was), had an approval rating of 32 percent at this very point in his disaster of a presidency. Although I totally suck at math, I believe that’s 18 percent higher. Doesn’t that qualify as news?

This seems just a wee bit newsworthy, no? But Trump eating out of taco bowls seems far more pressing.

Even more newsworthy is the fact how President Obama, despite facing Obama Derangement Syndrome in Congress, has been able to boost his standing with virtually no help from Republicans.

Obama is the first president since polls existed to have never gone above 25 percent approval from the other side, noted Paul Waldman at the American Prospect. Obama’s approval among Republicans currently stands at just 14 percent, according to Gallup. Given today’s rugged political terrain, if a president can stay at 50 percent, he should be counted a remarkable success, Waldman argued.

That’s pretty, pretty, pretty good. It’s also – and this might make Republicans despondent – better than Reagan’s.

Featured image via  Mark Makela / Stringer

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