Trump Now Says He Will Not Share His Medical Info Or Latest Physical On Dr. Oz Show (VIDEO)

We really don’t know a lot about Donald Trump. Think about that for a second. What we know about the man largely comes from things he has said about himself. We know nothing about his true income or wealth because he won’t release his tax returns, and, perhaps more importantly, we know nothing about his health or physical condition.

With this election giving voters the choice between two major candidates either of whom will be among the oldest presidents ever elected, the medical histories of those candidates are of great interest to many Americans. Trump has made a big deal over questions about Clinton’s health, and now, perhaps realizing that he is throwing stones in a glass house, the GOP candidate has said he will release the results of a brand new physical exam.

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A lot of people expected those results to be shared when Trump makes an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show on Thursday. Dr. Mehmet Oz claimed as much just one day before taping.

But it has been announced that he will not be releasing them during his visit with the celebrity physician. NBC’s Katy Tur tweeted on Wednesday morning,

Trump had said earlier in the week that his medical information would be released on Wednesday, leading many to speculate that he would be discussing the results of his recent physical when The Dr. Oz Show is recorded. On Tuesday, his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Trump believes “it’s important for the public to know what his basic health condition is.”

But then, just a few seconds later, Conway grumbled that a complete reveal of the candidate’s physical exam results is an invasion of his privacy.

“But remember Andrea, I’m with Dr. Oz and millions of Americans on this, I don’t know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy.”

Redstate’s Leon H. Wolf thinks Trump’s focus on Clinton’s health suggests the GOP candidate is hiding his own health issues.

“Trump and his campaign spent months implying that Hillary Clinton had an undisclosed medical condition. This made it virtually certain that Trump is hiding some medical issues of his own, just because that’s how he operates.”

This may be the latest feint by the Trump campaign, promising something that they have no intention of delivering. Just like a month ago, when Trump promised his wife Melania would hold a press conference to address claims that she had entered the U.S. illegally. August has faded into September, and we’re still waiting for that event. Now the media have largely moved on to some other issue, and only a few have publicly asked when Melania would meet with reporters.

So what will Trump talk about with Dr. Oz if he is not going to discuss his physical condition? Who knows? But I’m sure we’ll hear words like “great” and “wonderful” thrown about quite a bit. It would be poetic justice if he were to have a coughing fit or some minor, non-life threatening issue during the interview. Of course, since the program is being recorded, were something like that to happen, we would never see it. And it’s starting to look like we’ll never see Trump’s medical history either.

Here’s what Kellyanne Conway told Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday:

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