Trump’s Neo-Nazi Followers Are Screaming For The ‘Race War’ To Start After White Cops Are Murdered

In the immediate aftermath of the murder of 5 Dallas police officers by a black man out for revenge, a good portion of Donald Trump’s followers started stroking their guns in anticipation of their long-awaited race war. Remember, Trump has been actively courting the white supremacist vote and there’s nothing they want than an all out war between white people and…everyone else.

To spare you the horror, I spent some time over at, the most popular white supremacist website so you wouldn’t have to. These people LOVE Donald Trump. As far as they’re concerned, he’s their great white savior, here to deliver America from Those People. It’s a cesspool of hate and rage and calls for taking up arms against “the muds” and “monkeys.”

Here’s a few of the uglier comments:

Volunteer28If You Like Black Men, GO AND LIVE IN A BLACK COUNTRY!
White Women who have Black Babies should go and live In Black Countries

IrishRockerStill on the fence ? Or is it becoming more obvious that there is INDEED a war on White People going on ?

Volodyamyr” Probably an accurate and truthful observation as well as an prediction. Once law-enforcement is federalized, the real terror against white Americans will be underway and if things come to that, a civil AND world war will begin.

Volodyamyr” Indeed, whites who support gun control are enemies as far as I am concerned. When the race war explodes into open warfare a la Bosnia style, I have only one thing to say to the likes of him. Either you are with us, or against us, and if you are against us there will be no mercy shown to you.

Etc. Etc. Etc. The hate just oozes off the screen.

These are the people that Trump is talking to when he talks about Muslims and Mexicans and black protesters. This the kind of hate that Trump has made a part of the mainstream Republican Party. This is what American conservative politics looks like now.

It’s important to understand that a vote for Trump is a vote for pure, unadulterated racial hatred. As crazy as it sounds, we on the left need to help the GOP move back to sanity and the way to do that is to absolutely and utterly crush them in November. Trump can’t just lose. A regular loss of a few points would permanently legitimatize his kind of rhetoric and politics. But a historic, crushing, total defeat will send the message that Trump and his kind are not welcome here and Republicans will have a chance to wrest control back from the Tea Party that enabled Trump’s rise in the first place. Maybe.

Republicans may be the greedy party of the 1% but their recent descent into full-blown white nationalism and fascism represents an existential threat to the country. Either we help them expel their crazies or we have to destroy them as a national party. In both cases, we need to vote in overwhelming numbers. It’s about more than winning this election, it;s about ensuring we’ll keep HAVING elections after this one.

Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

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