Trump Moronically Claims Entire Russia Investigation Is A Lie Because CNN Responsibly Retracted One Story

Donald Trump went on another uncontrollable rant against the media on Tuesday morning.

Days after three CNN employees resigned over a minor story about the Russia investigation that turned out to be incorrect, Trump took to Twitter to gloat about it and claimed that because this story was wrong all the other news about Russia is “fake,” too.

CNN responsibly retracted a story that alleged a connection to Russia by Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci. Scaramucci even called the move “classy” and called for “moving on.” Well, Trump didn’t move on. He seized the situation as an opportunity to attack the media, with the exception being Fox News, as usual, arguing that because CNN got a story wrong that it must mean every other story in the media about Russia is wrong as well. Seriously.

Trump even retweeted Fox hosts who parroted his claim that the Democrats are the ones who committed collusion.

Keep in mind that these CNN staffers actually resigned over an insignificant error. Meanwhile, Sean Hannity has been lying for weeks about the death of Seth Rich and he still has a job.

Trump is apparently so desperate to stop the Russia investigation that he will do or say anything.

Trump is also a hypocrite because most of what he has said since taking office is false, yet he refuses to resign.

Twitter users even pointed out this hypocrisy and proceeded to mock him.

Donald Trump must be truly insane if he really thinks one retracted story means he is vindicated.

Featured Image: Win McNamee/Getty Images

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