Trump Mocked By Muslim NYPD Brothers: We Gave Years Of Service, What Have You Done? (IMAGE)

On the heels of Trump’s rabid wave of Islamophobia — which got magnified by the recent Paris terrorist attacks — a group of Muslim police officers who are also veterans, have called out his blind hatred and dangerous rhetoric on Facebook.

Trump had stated recently that he would make Muslims in America wear special identification, and be tracked in a government-run database. He also said he would put mosques under government surveillance and re-introduce waterboarding as a method of interrogation.

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The things Trump is saying he will do to Muslims, many of whom are American citizens, are literally the same thing that the Nazis did to the Jews leading up to the holocaust.

Does any Republican know what the Constitution is anymore, or do they just use it to polish their gun barrels?

Lt. Ashraf Kamal, of the NYPD had enough of this nonsense, and fired back at Trump in a Facebook post that has since gone viral. Lt. Kamal described the years of dedicated service and sacrifice to America that he and his family have chosen to give.

Dear Mr. Trump ….. No need to register my family or any ‪#‎MUSLIM‬ family for that matter, as we are already registered and sworn service members of this great nation and city. Meet my MUSLIM family, 3 brothers, 1 family, 1 mission…. TO SERVE and give back to our country and city.

From the top left is my older brother Aiman who is a 19 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and still proudly serving this country, also a Lieutenant in the NYPD. Next, is my brother Abraham who is a Sergeant in the NYPD and then ME, a 16 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and still proudly serving, also a Lieutenant in the NYPD. Combined we have given our country 35 years of military service and our great city of New York 30 years of service. So Mr. Trump, what service have you given this country that you so desire to lead???

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Here is the post on Facebook:

Every Republican presidential candidate, many Republican governors, and God knows how many miscellaneous Republican politicians and pundits have been in a screaming panic over the idea of Middle Eastern refugees coming to America. They do not seem to care that they created these refugees either, by invading and destabilizing the Middle East.

New York’s police commissioner, Bill Bratton, said it was an outrage to question the loyalties of American Muslims:

We have thousands of Muslim employees in the department, who are basically like the rest of us, who are citizens of this country who are concerned.

“It is just sad that we are in 2015, and yet people still use Muslims and Islam as a scapegoat or as a way to gain votes,” said Capt. Jamiel Altaheri, a Yemeni-American.

Featured image via Facebook

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