Trump Might Have Just Put Himself In Prison With MAJOR Mistake During Twitter Tantrum

Donald Trump is now trying to tweet his way out of being investigated for collusion. He screwed himself over instead.

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Only a day after he admitted that Russia did interfere with the 2016 Election to help him win and blamed President Obama for it, Trump is now admitting that he colluded with them.

If Trump were smart, he would be keeping his mouth shut, but for some reason he is convinced that he can be his own best defender. BIGLY mistake!

You see, Trump apparently attempted to excuse his collusion with Russia by using the “but she did it, too” defense. It’s the same kind of defense one would expect from a child who got caught doing something wrong.

According to Trump, he should not be investigated or charged with committing collusion because Hillary Clinton supposedly colluded with the Democratic Party against Bernie Sanders.

Frankly, it’s hard to prove that Hillary Clinton did anything wrong in order to beat Bernie Sanders. After all, she won by a pretty damn large margin. She won by a huge 12 point margin. It was not even close, though Bernie Sanders’ effort was admirable and did have significant impact. He did get to help write the Democratic Party platform in the end.

The point is, there was no “collusion,” which means Trump’s desperate attempt to excuse his collusion with a foreign nation against our own democracy is incredibly pathetic. The only thing Trump did is basically admit that he colluded with Russia. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller and his team are going to have a field day with this tweet. Now we know why major law firms refused to represent Trump. No self-respecting attorney wants a guilty client who can’t shut up.

At this point, Trump is his own worst enemy. He is the “leaker” he has been whining about. He has incriminates himself with his tweets and it’s time for him to be impeached and put in prison where he belongs.

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