Trump Makes Chilling New Threat: ‘We’re Going To Win With Our Second Amendment!’

Donald Trump took his threats and dangerous rhetoric to a new level on Saturday, declaring that the “Second Amendment” was how he and his angry mob of fans were “going to win.”

Trump made his remarks during a rally in Pheonix, Arizona, which took place after protesters had blocked the roads. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was Trump’s opening act for the event, told the crowd that three of the protesters had been arrested, which resulted in cheers.

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Trump was giving his standard schpeel on all the ways he, his poorly educated fans, and the United States with him as commander in chief are going to “win.” Today, however, he added a chilling new promise to the list:

We’re going to win with our Second Amendment! We’re gonna win big league with our Second Amendment!

It isn’t exactly clear if this was meant as a threat, but with his recent promise that his supporters would “riot” if he doesn’t receive the nomination for the Republican party, it surely seems that way.

Watch his comments for yourself here, via Daily Motion:

Featured image via video screen capture

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