Trump Loving Mayor Rejects Conference Invite Because It Was Written In Both English And ‘Mexican’

An Arizona mayor has declined to attend a bi-national mayors’ event for one absurd reason — the invitations were written in both English and Spanish.

The El Paso Times reports that Huachuca City, Arizona mayor Ken Taylor voiced his objections to the way the invitations were written in an email to former El Paso, Texas mayor John Cook. Cook is the executive director of the U.S.-Mexico Border Mayors Association. Taylor wrote,

I will NOT attend a function that is sent to me in Spanish/Mexican. One nation means one language and I am insulted by the division caused by language.

The emailed invitation was for an August 24 conference of mayors who represent cities along the U.S.-Mexican border. It reads as follows:

The excitement is building and we are ready for a great meeting of the Border Mayors Association in Laredo. We hope to see you there at 9 a.m. on August 24th at the Laredo Country Club. The draft agenda and a list of hotels is attached to this email.

La emoción está construyendo y estamos listos para una gran reunión de la Asociación de alcaldes de la frontera en Laredo. Esperamos contar con su presencia a las 9 am el 24 de agosto en el Laredo Country Club. El proyecto de programa y una lista de hoteles se adjunta a este correo electrónico.

What Taylor either didn’t realize or didn’t care about was the fact that the conference is for American AND Mexican mayors. Now, one nation may mean one language to him, but what he didn’t take into account was the fact that in Mexico, that “one language” is Spanish.

Cook’s response made Taylor look like the ignorant ass he undoubtedly is.

I will certainly remove you from our email list. Ours is a bi-national association with mayors from the United States and Mexico that were elected to serve border communities. All of our communications are intended to inform mayors from both sides of our border about our association.

The purpose of the Border Mayors Association is to speak with one voice in Washington, D.C., and Mexico City about issues that impact our communities, not to speak in one language. My humble apologies if I ruffled your feathers.

But that little tidbit of information — that the invitation was sent to mayors on both sides of the border, didn’t phase Taylor, who responded,

America is going ‘Down Hill’ fast because we spend more time catering to others that are concerned with their own self interests. It is far past time to remember that we should be ‘America First’ … there is NOTHING wrong with that. My feathers are ruffled anytime I see anything American putting other countries First. If I was receiving correspondence from Mexican interests, I would expect to see them listed First. Likewise, when I see things produced from America, I EXPECT to see America First.

That was an interesting statement, considering that the invitation he received started in English, with the Spanish translation beneath.

Taylor’s comments resulted in his removal from the group, and Huachuca City was also dropped as a member city. Cook replied that he was sorry Taylor didn’t understand the importance of the bi-national group and the interest of the border cities in speaking “with a unified voice” in Washington and Mexico City. He repeated that he was removing Taylor from his email list. But Taylor had more to say.

And I am sorry you don’t properly comprehend ‘America First’ … and that a ‘Global Economy’ is pointless. Giving away our sovereignty to benefit others is NOT a way to strengthen our Nation and OUR homes, it is an idea that is provably doomed to failure for the common man. If Mexico is NOT stopping drugs, crime, and terrorists from coming INTO our country from Mexico, then Mexico is not a friend and I don’t care to help. I have better things to do in fighting the problems they export to us.

The only thing I care to get from Mexico is an apology to our Nation in English and actual action that stops the carnage spilling over the border into our homes.

It should come as no surprise that Taylor supports Donald Trump for president since his comments are right out of the Donald Trump playbook. And just like his hero, Taylor is refusing to talk to media outlets that dared to report on his idiocy. The El Paso Times says when asked for an interview, Taylor refused.

La ignorancia es dicha.

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