Trump Loves America So Much He Denied Millions Of People These Services By Not Paying His Taxes

The New York Times published a story regarding Trump’s tax return from 1995 which reflects that the businessman reported a nearly $1 Billion loss during the economically prosperous Clinton years. The Times is reporting that the reported loss could have paved the way for Trump to have skipped out on paying taxes for a couple of decades.

Let that sink in for a moment, someone who is as wealthy as Donald Trump paying ZERO Federal Income Tax for decades!

You really can’t get any more anti-American than that. We are talking millions of dollars, for which underfunded programs in our country went without, that Donald Trump kept for himself. For someone who likes to call out other people as “pigs” he sure has a taste for gluttony.

So, what exactly would have benefited from Donald Trump’s unpaid taxes? Obviously, a concrete answer cannot REALLY be given. However, we can reasonably speculate where that money could have gone.


CNN Politics created a hypothetical estimation of Trump’s income and taxes, prior to the story about the 1995 returns. They then compared those figures with the percentage of money spent on services and came up with some idea of where that money could have been used.

Source: CNN

Source: CNN

Now, this is just an estimation for one year, not 10, not 20. In one year, the man potentially kept $19.1 million for himself that should have gone to pay for healthcare in our country. That’s a lot of people denied services because we couldn’t fund programs to keep people well. He kept $16.6 million of his taxes, rather than actually paying for the defense for which he so condemns as being “terrible” and “weak.” I’m sure many of our vets could have used services paid for by that $16.6 million. And, domestic programs for jobs and families, well sorry, Trump had to keep the $12.6 million he would have paid for things like food vouchers and housing assistance.

This is just one individual. This is just one billionaire of many who have no interest in contributing back to the society for which they build their empires upon. And, sadly, this one thinks he has enough public interest at heart to be elected to the highest office of the land.

This man only cares about Trump. He doesn’t care about our country as a whole. If he did, he would have been contributing to better the world for which he lives – not buying a yacht that he later claims as a loss on his taxes after it’s nearly repossessed for unpaid debt.

This man doesn’t know the meaning of loving his country or his fellow-man. His actions in hoarding his money without paying back into the system makes that point even more evident than the hate he spews from the stump.

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