Trump Loses Delegates Because Supporters Refused To Vote For Any With ‘Foreign Sounding’ Names

Trump’s racism and bigotry are so bad, that they are costing him votes with his own supporters. It’s true, and it’s hilarious.

Trump’s own supporters are so incredibly CLUELESS that they are refusing to vote for Trump delegates that have names which sound too foreign.

Oh, the irony… Trump’s racist rage machine is backfiring in his face.

The 6th district of Illinois had a Trump delegate named Nabi Fakroddin, who received 5,000 fewer votes than two other Trump delegates named Paul Minch and Barbara Kois. Note also, that Minch and Kois came in 1st and 2nd, but Fakroddin came in 6th after 3 Kasich delegates.

They literally didn’t vote for Fakroddin because of a foreign-sounding last name. The white-sounding names won handily, and their victory SHOULD have been shared with the third, but a scary non-white name totally screwed that idea.

This was not a fluke either. Trump delegate Raja Sadiq received 7,000 fewer votes than another Trump delegate, Doug Hartmann.

In a historical context, even the KKK’s racism didn’t actually hurt it with its supporters.

Really, what does anyone say to this? Trump’s racism is literally so bad that it’s too much for his racist supporters to bear. Racism coupled with a stupidity that is beyond severe is making his own voters too ignorantly stupid to vote for their chosen candidate because of a scary sounding name. By scary that means “not white.” It’s ridiculous, but 2016 is the year when the ridiculous is also reality.

The sadder news is that the ultra-stupidity of Trump’s voters doesn’t seem to be stopping his momentum. He is in a commanding lead over his other opponents and succeeded in forcing Marco Rubio to drop out of the race in a stunning defeat in Rubio’s own home state of Florida. Unfortunately, it seems that Trump’s voters are just stupid enough to get him elected and not stupid enough to make him lose.

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