Trump LIES About ‘Winning’ The Popular Vote In STAGGERINGLY OFFENSIVE Statement

The threat of a recount broke Donald Trump’s brain. And for some reason, nobody on his staff thought to take away his phone today.

Trump did not sleep last night, instead choosing to spend 12 hours ranting about Jill Stein’s effort to push for an election recount and audit. But as one might expect, a 70-year-old pulling an all-nighter and rage tweeting had its side effects, one of which appears to be that Trump’s brain stopped working entirely. And yet he kept tweeting.

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Having briefly paused his rant after the early morning, Trump resumed this afternoon by tweeting that he “really” won the popular vote but it was stolen from him by “millions” of illegal voters.

This is, of course, false. Trump didn’t win the Electoral College in a landslide. He won by a smaller margin than Obama did in either of his elections. And he didn’t win the popular vote in any universe, either. Election officials are still counting, but the best guess is that Clinton will end up beating Trump by 2.7 million votes.

None of those votes, mostly in California, are “illegal” votes. They are legitimate votes from legitimate people who voted for Hillary Clinton. Trump is lying.

Ironically, Trump may be tweeting his own demise. By questioning the legitimacy of the election, he is only supporting Jill Stein’s effort to get an audit of the election and a second look at the voting rolls. He’s currently the President-elect, and he’s claiming the election was stolen… he could just be wrong about in which direction.

So perhaps we should launch an investigation. After all, if the President-elect thinks the election was a fraud, then who are we to argue with checking it out?

Let’s start in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Featured image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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