Trump Just Tweeted This Totally NOT Anti-Semitic Hillary Attack Featuring A Star Of David

Donald Trump is at it again with the bigoted Twitter posts. This time, he sent out a tweet attacking Hillary Clinton which consisted of her face imposed over a background of $100 bills and featured a Star of David. But don’t worry, it’s totally not anti-semitic at all. Honest.


Screenshot via The Hill

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The image uses a picture of Clinton that has been prominent in her campaign, with the words “History made.” Written on a red six-pointed star are the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” Granted, he didn’t make the star yellow, but Twitter has been quick to point out the not-so-subtle anti-semitic imagery, as the star clearly resembles the Jewish Star of David.

The Hitleresque image quickly sparked outrage on Twitter. Josh Schwerin, a communications staffer for Clinton’s campaign, wanted to know why the message included a Star of David.

Ana Marie Cox, a political columnist, pointed out that the presumptive GOP nominee’s message wasn’t exactly subtle.

Anti-Trump conservative analysts were quick to respond to Trump’s tweet as well.

Journalists are not letting Trump’s bigoted message go unchallenged either.

Responses to Trump’s latest anti-semitic display went on and on, with his message coming through very clear despite his claims that he is not a bigoted piece of shit.

Following the backlash, Trump deleted his original post and replaced it with a new image that featured a red circle instead of the six-pointed star, before deleting the post altogether.

Capture 1

Screenshot via The Hill

And this guy must have a crystal ball:

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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