Donald Trump’s ‘Happy Cinco De Mayo’ Tweet Has Instantly Become The Laughing Stock Of The World (TWEETS)

Donald Trump, sitting in his gilded tower, decided that his Americanized “taco salad” means that he loves Hispanics. So he took an annoying food selfie and proved to everyone he doesn’t even understand WHY minorities don’t like him (Well, anyone with a brain, really).

While sitting down to a salad that costs as much as a minimum wage worker earns in nearly TWO HOURS, Trump’s idiotic grin and tiny mitts appear smug at best. When you throw in the thinly veiled joke, (because the guy who wants to round up 11 million people and build a giant wall to keep them out *really* loves Hispanics, right?)it becomes clear that this is an overprivileged brat’s post.

The fact is that this is offensive, it is just like saying you love Hispanics because someone needs to cut your lawn or care for your children. He is not stupid, so when he cries about liberals slamming him, it will just be crocodile tears.

You know why we know this is a joke aimed at his anti-immigrant, anti-Hispanic followers? Because he can’t win the Hispanic vote, but by talking like the worst of his followers he can earn points with them.

Immediately, he started receiving praise from his troglodytic followers. The ravening morons can’t handle anyone disagreeing with them, either (the following contains strong language):

Screen cap from Twitter

Screen cap from Twitter

It seems that Trump and quarter of America, the nasty, rude, xenophobic, racist, sexist, and angry quarter, missed entirely that “loving Hispanics” because they cook for you at shitty wages isn’t a compliment. It isn’t even sincere, it is a JOKE dressed up as a polite statement.

Twitter and Facebook, aren’t letting him get away with this dismissive, offensive, trolling of the very large Hispanic demographic in this country. And the results are pretty awesome:

Of course, the standbys are showing up too:

Oh, yeah, by the way: Trump Tower doesn’t serve taco bowls, they are not on the regular menu, they were only the special today. Something that quickly makes it very apparent that he is trolling the Hispanic community in a way that is difficult to actually prove is a troll, but has delighted his Trump Trolls. (More standard bullsh*ttery from a well-heeled snake oil salesman.)

SO, again, we have the unfunny joke telling a joke that isn’t funny. But just remember, as a wise person once said, the problem with political jokes is that they often get elected:

Featured image via screen capture

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