Trump Just Named 2 Controversial Women On His Short List For Vice President (VIDEO)

Greta Van Susteren did an interview with Donald Trump earlier this week, where she pulled off the convincing performance of “person who thinks it’s perfectly normal for Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee,” softballing him a few questions and allowing his stupid answers to go unchecked. The main topic of the interview, before it turned to what a moron Trump is when it comes to executive orders, was the VP spot. Who would Trump be adding to his name to the greatest achievement ever by a single narcissist with a dream and a dumb red hat?

Van Susteren at first gets him to narrow the number of people on the short list to “six or seven,” and then gets two of them revealed, because Trump’s new shtick is “guy who loves women.” It isn’t very convincing. His two women, however, are hardly inspirational feminists fighting to keep climbing until the last glass ceiling is shattered:

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Governor Mary Fallin, a conservative who believes all life is sacred, is best known for the episode in Oklahoma where she pursued inadequate drugs to successfully execute someone and wanted to use them anyway. Her state is always in the thick of the religious right turmoil, which isn’t a pattern that looks like it will be ending anytime soon. Jan Brewer, ex-governor of Arizona, just called for the reduction in the number of female candidates for November’s election, because there are just too many.

If you need a conservative and she has to be a woman, then you’re looking at a short list. If you resort to Jan Brewer or Mary Fallin you’re getting very unlikable women. Stand that on a stage next to Donald Trump. Just…wow.

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