Trump Just Asked For The Public’s Opinion, And A Former Obama Official Had The PERFECT Response (IMAGE)

Donald Trump might want to stop creating public polls – it’s never going to end well for him as he is the most hated POTUS in history.

It’s no secret that even before Trump stepped foot in the White House, the nation was mourning the loss of President Barack Obama, stunned and heartbroken that a truly great POTUS would be replaced by an incompetent reality television star.

We’re now several weeks into Trump’s presidency and we still can’t get over it. If the average American is upset about Trump being in the White House, you can only imagine what Obama’s former officials feel, having worked closely with a truly great man and leader. Today, former Obama official Chris Lu gave us a look at some major resistance to the new president.

Lu was Obama’s top liaison to federal departments and agencies, and clearly showed that he was fiercely loyal to the former POTUS. Trump made the mistake of asking the public what agencies he should cut – and it went horribly wrong thanks to Lu. Lu answered the question – by proposing that Trump’s White House be eliminated!

Trump was looking for a way to “make the Federal government more efficient, effective, and accountable to you” – and we can all agree that our government would be far more effective without Trump and his corrupt administration. Here’s Lu’s hilarious response to Trump:

Lu wrote:

“The President seems more interested in visiting his own properties instead of fulfilling his constitutional duties. But if he wants to stay in office, he should disclose his tax returns, eliminate all conflicts of interest, and disclose who is visiting the White House.”

That’s something we all could agree on. We have all seen how miserably Trump fails whenever he tries to get something done – four years under this administration will be detrimental to the country.

Featured image via Feng Li / Getty Images

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