Trump Just Accidentally Proved His Muslim Ban Was Based On A Major Lie

As promised, Trump signed his new Muslim ban on Monday. It’s nearly identical to the first one – the one, you may recall, that was immediately declared unconstitutional by several federal courts – but there is one major difference: Trump is not implementing this policy change in roughly one week.

Unfortunately for Trump, this exposes a major lie he used to justify the roll out of his first Muslim ban. Way back in… February… Trump was claiming that the disastrous executive order – including its terrible roll out which caused mass confusion and widespread protests – was justified because if people were given, say, a week’s notice then “bad dudes” could swarm in at the last minute.

He even explained that position in a characteristically awful tweet:

As anyone with two or more brain cells pointed out at the time, the refugee resettlement process takes years, and the scrutiny these immigrants undergo is extensive. No “bad dudes” would be able to slip in within one week. You can’t rush the process. A would-be terrorist can’t just go to Expedia and check for cheap flights.

Flashforward to today, when Trump himself seemed to contradict his own logic by announcing that his new Muslim ban would start in – you guessed it – a little over one week. Needless to say, people noticed that our president is an idiot.

Trump just lies and lies and lies. It’s lies all the way down. Everything he says, tweets, or screams into his pillow is false, contradictory, or hypocritical. His Muslim ban caused terror, despair, and misery for hundreds of people and the justification for the way it was handled has no been debunked by Trump himself. He owes every refugee a sincere apology – and it’s heartbreaking to know that he’ll never do it.

Meanwhile, his new ban appears to be as morally reprehensible as his first one. Let’s see how long it holds up in court.

Featured image via Erik S. Lesser-Pool/Getty Images

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