Trump Jr. Just Offered The Most Ridiculous Reason For His Dad Not To Release His Taxes

A growing number of major Republicans are demanding Donald Trump finally release his tax records, which Trump has obviously delayed on account of all the illegal stuff and lies that are most likely in them. Even House Speaker Paul Ryan, a guy who ran alongside a secretive multi-millionaire in 2012, has called for Trump to do so.

“I did release my returns. I’ll defer to Donald Trump as to when he thinks the appropriate time to release his returns. I know he is under audit, and he has an opinion on when to release those and I’ll defer to him on that,” Ryan, the 2012 vice presidential nominee, said during his weekly press briefing.

Already that are clear signs that Trump’s taxes are a gold mine of corruption. Trump is being audited and his mafioso organization is being investigated, too. Vice has reportedly launched a lawsuit against the IRS to demand they provide the American people access to his tax returns. But none of these justifiable demands are any reason to release them, or at least according to Donald Trump Jr.

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The smarmy, cartoonish-villain spawn of Trump took time out of his busy schedule of making Holocaust jokes to offer a most ridiculous reason as to why his daddy shouldn’t release his tax returns.

“He’s got a 12,000-page tax return that would create … financial auditors out of every person in the country, asking questions that would detract from [Trump’s] main message,” Trump Jr. said during a meeting with Tribune-Review editors and reporters.

In other words, they would create too much scrutiny and thus be a distraction. Moreover, Trump and his banana republic family wouldn’t be able to keep distracting deplorables with flagrant lies.

It would behoove Hillary Clinton, to keep the pressure on Trump and his  refusal to release his tax returns. Hillary, who has already released her own tax returns, previously slammed Trump for his lack of transparency. Well, now would be a pretty good time to ratchet up those criticisms.

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